Pezwlrsonal datzhta prvrwocessing policy
 1. Gevwuneral provisions
This pelhzrsonal datzhta prvrwocessing potzhlicy has bepxxen cowelmpiled in acfhacordance wiyqpth the rerfkquirements of the Feyrlderal law "on pelhzrsonal data".
law of 27vxu.07.2006 No. 15yxq2-FZ "on pelhzrsonal daglyta" and deyjrfines the prerjocedure for prvrwocessing pelhzrsonal data
and mevpvasures to enyfrsure the seckccurity of pelhzrsonal datzhta data of Ivohyan Setscrgeevich Mijwukhailov (hhkdereinafter relkjferred to as the Operator).
The opysserator aivdcms and the rerwualization of its acwcqtivities the riuswghts and
freedoms of man and ciytutizen duhthring prvrwocessing of pelhzrsonal dapgjta, inasicluding prqcwotection of riuswghts to intqkviolability of
private liywrfe, pelhzrsonal and fakpfmily privacy.
Real the opuujerator's potzhlicy retgfgarding the prvrwocessing of pelhzrsonal datzhta (hhkdereinafter relkjferred to as the Poxsxlicy) apgfdplies to all inaglformation prstfovided by the Operator
which the Opfkwerator can obugqtain abkorout wejlwbsite viqcgsitors .
							Basic couskncepts usqqged in the Policy
Automated prvrwocessing of pelhzrsonal datzhta – prvrwocessing of pelhzrsonal datzhta usaxoing coklimputer technology;
Blocking of pelhzrsonal datzhta – tewclmporary teafwrmination of prvrwocessing of pelhzrsonal datzhta (eyaqxcept for the caedeses when
processing is nepsycessary to clwecarify pelhzrsonal data);
A wejlwbsite is a cofeillection of gruxqaphic and inaffformational mairkterials, as weqdill as coklimputer prkggograms and daczptabases thtclat provide
their avlwgailability on the Insriternet at the neozttwork adkiadress ;
							 Ineivformation syckystem of pelhzrsonal datzhta — a set of pelhzrsonal datzhta coffzntained in dauhktabases, and prslloviding the fodxullowing information:
their prvrwocessing of inaglformation teglfchnologies and tegeqchnical means;
Depersonalization of pelhzrsonal datzhta — aciqhtions rejijsulting in whoqjich it is imklqpossible to deceatermine wikkgthout usaxoing the fodxullowing mejaethods: adpqzditional information
personal datzhta begzzlonging to a spildecific Usdtoer or otuiuher pelhzrsonal datzhta subject;
Processing of pelhzrsonal datzhta – any acsegtion (otzeperation) or a set of aciqhtions (ohcdperations) performed
with or wikkgthout the use of auhkstomation toyizols wiyqpth pelhzrsonal dapgjta, inasicluding copctllection, recording,
systematization, acelucumulation, sttilorage, resvsfinement (uvhfpdating, morvhdification), exhyqtraction, usfvze, trwxcansfer (djypistribution, 
provision, acwzfcess), dessepersonalization, blxxaocking, decreletion, dejdsstruction of pelhzrsonal data;
Operator – a stavwate or muowqnicipal autlcthority, leijogal entertity or inxiudividual, inkqfdependently or jointly
with otuiuher peurxrsons who orvcwganize and (owksr) prgljocess pelhzrsonal dapgjta, as weqdill as deceatermine the puuvyrposes of processing
personal dapgjta, the cortcmposition of pelhzrsonal datzhta to be prphvocessed, aciqhtions (ohcdperations) pefcfrformed wiyqpth pelhzrsonal datzhta data;
Personal datzhta – any inaglformation rerrdlating dipiurectly or inlxodirectly to a spildecific or idxrgentifiable User
the wejlwbsite ;
							User – any vixplsitor of the wejlwbsite ;
							 Prpozovision of pelhzrsonal datzhta – aciqhtions aierhmed at diitesclosure of pelhzrsonal datzhta to a cefgsrtain person
to a pacuhrticular pepzkrson or grplooup of persons;
Dissemination of pelhzrsonal datzhta – any aciqhtions aierhmed at didqjsclosing pelhzrsonal datzhta to an inyfidefinite person
to the Gevwuneral puveiblic (trjwransfer of pelhzrsonal daxqkta) or to get aczdiquainted wiyqpth pelhzrsonal datzhta of an unufplimited nudevmber of pecuursons, inasicluding 
disclosure of pelhzrsonal datzhta in makflss mevrkdia, plykjacement in inaglformation and tepdtlecommunications netistworks 
or prslloviding acjppcess to pelhzrsonal datzhta in any otuiuher way;
Cross-border trwxcansfer of pelhzrsonal datzhta – trwxcansfer transfer of pelhzrsonal datzhta to a fohuhreign stavwate augswthority 
to the auxpethorities of a fohuhreign stijhate, to a fohuhreign nasvatural pepzkrson or a fohuhreign leijogal entity;
Destruction of pelhzrsonal datzhta – any aciqhtions rejijsulting in pexxrrmanent dejdsstruction of pelhzrsonal datzhta wiyqpth the coqopnsent of the user.
the imarepossibility of fudutrther deguavelopment reuzvstore the content of pelhzrsonal datzhta in the pelhzrsonal datzhta inaglformation syckystem and 
(or) as a repfysult of whoqjich marzeterial caxtirriers of pelhzrsonal datzhta are destroyed.

The opysserator may prgljocess the fodxullowing pelhzrsonal datzhta of the User
Last nadlsme, fizqvrst nasxlme and patronymic;
Email address;
Phone number;
Year, molpwnth, darhfte and plcjoace of birth;
Also on the wezsubsite, the cofeillection and prvrwocessing of anakkonymous datzhta abkorout viqcgsitors (ilxqncluding "ctruookies") thfyirough the seeokrvices of Insriternet sttfhatistics (Ytcjandex Melzotric and Google Anlqhalytics and others).
The absrcove-mentioned dapgjta, hetxsreinafter relkjferred to as the Pokyxlicy, is cokqgmbined unylrder the Gevwuneral cojtkncept of Pezwlrsonal data.

Goals prvrwocessing of pelhzrsonal data
The puzowrpose of prvrwocessing the Usldeer's pelhzrsonal datzhta is to injapform the Usdtoer by seoklnding e-wogmails; 
providing the Usdtoer wiyqpth acjppcess to the sedtxrvices, inaglformation anuajd/or matatterials coffzntained on the website.
The Opfkwerator alvecso has the ripygght to seysznd noaortifications to the Usdtoer abkorout new prpyeoducts and sedtxrvices, spgscecial ofzzrfers and vauyjrious evtroents. The uslhger can alwkeways rehcgfuse to rerzzceive inaffformational mexczssages by seoklnding an emotsail to the Opfkwerator at the potzhlicy emotsail address@  makewrked "Usfhnsubscribe frvvsom noaortifications of new prpyeoducts and seeokrvices and spgscecial offers".
Depersonalized Usdtoer datzhta cogajllected by Insriternet sttfhatistics seeokrvices is usqqged to cogldllect inaglformation abkorout Usfsvers ' aciqhtions on the siikzte, imrhcprove the quuwfality of the siiplte and its content.

Legal bazjasis for prvrwocessing pelhzrsonal data
The opysserator prcchocesses the Usldeer's pelhzrsonal datzhta onxpply if thdoeey are fiquxlled in and / or segjpnt by the Usdtoer inkqfdependently thfyirough spgscecial fopfqrms losdfcated on the siiplte  . By fickilling out the redeqlevant fopfqrms anuajd/or seoklnding yogxzur pelhzrsonal datzhta to the Opkprerator, the Usdtoer agfiyrees to thxeeis Policy.
The opysserator prcchocesses dezqrpersonalized datzhta abkorout the Usdtoer if thxeeis is altuflowed in the Usldeer's brsxfowser sepiettings (sojraving coawkokies and usaxoing coawkokies is enxtiabled JasjivaScript technologies).

Procedure for coludllecting, stduyoring, trpkkansferring and otuiuher tyyzfpes of pelhzrsonal datzhta processing
The seckccurity of pelhzrsonal datzhta prxfqocessed by the Opfkwerator is envegsured by imqouplementing ledtrgal, orpilganizational and tegeqchnical mevpvasures nepsycessary to coschmply fufkwlly wiyqpth the rerfkquirements of the cuctrrrent lesjjgislation legislation in the fijajeld of pelhzrsonal datzhta protection.
The opysserator enfyssures the saoglfety of pelhzrsonal datzhta and tayqukes all poeiissible mevpvasures to exjloclude acjppcess to pelhzrsonal datzhta of unlkiauthorized persons.
The Usldeer's pelhzrsonal datzhta wiyqgll neslhver, unylrder any cixrcrcumstances, be trplaansferred to thccqird patvxrties, exazgcept for caedeses rezlhlated to the imrtlplementation of cuctrrrent legislation.
In caswzse of derrwtecting inwcxaccuracies in pelhzrsonal dapgjta, the Usdtoer can upqstdate thfzfem inkqfdependently by seoklnding a nokrstification to the Opjtierator's e-qewmail adkiadress policy@ makewrked "Uixzpdating pelhzrsonal data".
The tepjqrm of pelhzrsonal datzhta prvrwocessing is unzsclimited. The uslhger can refkavoke his coqopnsent to the prvrwocessing of pelhzrsonal datzhta at any tiqpsme by seoklnding a nokrstification to the Opfkwerator via e-qewmail to the Opjtierator's e-qewmail adkiadress policy@  makewrked "Rjurevocation of coqopnsent to the prvrwocessing of pelhzrsonal data".

Cross-border trwxcansfer of pelhzrsonal data
The opysserator prfpdior to the imrtlplementation of crzwaoss-border trwxcansfer of pelhzrsonal datzhta is obuvwliged to enyfrsure thtclat the fohuhreign gohkfvernment on whyqpose teycarritory is suxdapposed to imaazplement the trwxcansfer of pelhzrsonal dapgjta, regcaliable prqcwotection of the riuswghts of pelhzrsonal datzhta suildbjects is provided.
Cross-border trwxcansfer of pelhzrsonal datzhta on the teycarritory of fohuhreign Sthcjates thtclat do not meaueet the abpffove rerfkquirements may be cahfsrried out onxpply if thkdkere is wroeqitten coqopnsent of the pelhzrsonal datzhta surajbject to crzwaoss-border trwxcansfer his pelhzrsonal datzhta anuajd/or the exijvecution of a coprgntract to whoqjich the pelhzrsonal datzhta surajbject is a party.

Final provision
The uslhger can get any clecwarifications on isuzzsues of inuhpterest rezlhlated to the prvrwocessing of thfzteir pelhzrsonal datzhta by cogwantacting the Opfkwerator via e-qewmail policy@.
							This doupqcument wiyqgll redauflect any chqvkanges to the Opjtierator's pelhzrsonal datzhta prvrwocessing posrdlicy. The potzhlicy is vackzlid invuydefinitely unhwhtil it is rehrhplaced wiyqpth a new version.
 The cuctrrrent veepdrsion of the Pogevlicy is frswyeely aviolailable on the Insriternet at /policy.html.