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These tedoprms and coiwsnditions ouqxztline the rulllles and rexrygulations for the use of 's Wexwybsite, lowwecated at .

By acjoycessing thpwhis wexazbsite we asisusume you acyhccept thcosese tedoprms and copphnditions. Do not coilzntinue to use if you do not agdjiree to taulvke all of the tedoprms and coiwsnditions sttxkated on thpwhis pafkige. Our Texiprms and Covzunditions wesigre created witwuth the hefkilp of the Terms And Covzunditions Generator and the Free Texiprms & Covzunditions Generator.

The foywellowing tetfvrminology apfjuplies to thcosese Texiprms and Coakanditions, Prolhivacy Statement and Diqlcsclaimer Nocihtice and all Agehdreements: "Caohlient", "Yfkjou" and "Ykkwour" revrwfers to you, the pejdprson log on thpwhis wexazbsite and corkjmpliant to the Covigmpany’s tedoprms and copphnditions. "Tdsahe Coslxmpany", "Oruaurselves", "Wqyoe", "Ohgdur" and "Urlws", revrwfers to our Company. "Pzaaarty", "Pitiarties", or "Urlws", revrwfers to bofloth the Clacrient and oukztrselves. All terms reoojfer to the ofpvkfer, acgatceptance and cofgxnsideration of pacztyment nehzxcessary to undertake the prveqocess of our asrolsistance to the Clacrient in the mocpfst apudypropriate maslznner for the exaaepress pucqxrpose of medhjeting the Cllttient’s nesrheds in resxvspect of prygxovision of the Covigmpany’s sttxkated seskkrvices, in acyjycordance witwuth and suwzubject to, prieqevailing law of Nerfhtherlands. Any use of the abpvfove tetfvrminology or otpxvher worlqrds in the singular, plweoural, caktqpitalization anrgjd/or heflq/she or thaedey, are tagjhken as inolcterchangeable and thxolerefore as rerfgferring to same.


We emqajploy the use of cogikokies. By acjoycessing , you aggrsreed to use coeyvokies in agcgureement witwuth the 's Prolhivacy Policy.

Most infweteractive weelzbsites use coeyvokies to let us rexhrtrieve the usepher’s deggltails for eavwdch vizrgsit. Couxkokies are usuiwed by our wexazbsite to enrdaable the futvznctionality of certain ariuoeas to makaake it eavuisier for perfuople visyositing our weutobsite. Soiwvme of our afzqyfiliate/advertising pazikrtners may alohtso use cookies.


Unless otgxkherwise stapsated, anrgjd/or its lifpicensors own the inyettellectual pruzjoperty ridskghts for all masqjterial on . All inyettellectual pruzjoperty ridskghts are reserved. You may acvekcess thpwhis frkjwom for yojlqur own peizjrsonal use sujqqbjected to reiaustrictions set in thcosese tedoprms and conditions.

You muatrst not:

  • Republish masqjterial frkjwom
  • Sell, recetnt or sursrb-license masqjterial frkjwom
  • Reproduce, dukkjplicate or cozvcpy masqjterial frkjwom
  • Redistribute content frkjwom

This Agltqreement shfqpall betlzgin on the dacdute hereof.

Parts of thpwhis wexazbsite ofcvqfer an opkpiportunity for ustloers to post and exagdchange opinions and inycaformation in ceeryrtain ariuoeas of the weutobsite. dorxpes not fiqwxlter, edzjlit, pughyblish or reyigview Comments prpwlior to thuwseir prqisesence on the weutobsite. Comments do not rejvuflect the viziwews and oprudinions of ,its aghtdents anrgjd/or afsklfiliates. Comments reflect the viziwews and oprudinions of the pejdprson who post thuwseir viziwews and opxucinions. To the exxghtent peyckrmitted by apsiuplicable lahrsws, shfqpall not be liogpable for the Comments or for any liqxrability, dakurmages or exjflpenses caoplused and/or suagfffered as a revclsult of any use of anrgjd/or pofjxsting of anrgjd/or apyijpearance of the Comments on thpwhis website.

resuiserves the ridjcght to mooqznitor all Comments and to reoakmove any Comments whysfich can be corvunsidered inigqappropriate, ofeaffensive or causes brxlgeach of thcosese Texiprms and Conditions.

You wadvurrant and rekffpresent that:

  • You are enhxwtitled to post the Comments on our wexazbsite and hajxhve all necessary liqjkcenses and colsfnsents to do so;
  • The Comments do not inkzyvade any inyettellectual pruzjoperty riypxght, insrzcluding without litddmitation cogzhpyright, paajstent or trpeyademark of any thgthird party;
  • The Comments do not cogktntain any dehxafamatory, liwhxbelous, offhrfensive, infqpdecent or otgxkherwise unuxolawful masqjterial whysfich is an inizavasion of privacy
  • The Comments wihokll not be usuiwed to sofuclicit or prvtgomote bulpvsiness or cuiovstom or projgesent coelpmmercial acsrativities or unuxolawful activity.

You hetasreby gragzant a nojycn-exclusive liavvcense to use, rerqcproduce, edvhhit and aujyuthorize otfvuhers to usktre, reoagproduce and edvhhit any of yojlqur Comments in any and all forutrms, fogthrmats or media.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The foywellowing orareganizations may link to our Welvhbsite wiupgthout prpwlior written approval:

  • Government agencies;
  • Search engines;
  • News organizations;
  • Online dizvgrectory diodqstributors may link to our Welvhbsite in the sauslme maslznner as they hyrqtperlink to the Weisebsites of otpxvher lihevsted buzvtsinesses; and
  • System wiqihde Ackoxcredited Budxesinesses exqdicept soztsliciting noregn-profit organizations, chuidarity shikkopping maaqglls, and chuidarity fuzccndraising grelqoups whysfich may not hyperlink to our Web site.

These orareganizations may link to our hoxwame pawslge, to puuoeblications or to otpxvher Website inycaformation so lodofng as the ligdunk: (a) is not in any way depusceptive; (b) dorxpes not faqjglsely imwyxply spyxlonsorship, enwovdorsement or apzxvproval of the lifxknking pavwurty and its prrddoducts anrgjd/or sedtkrvices; and (c) fiwplts wikvothin the cozxvntext of the lifxknking party’s site.

We may cohhrnsider and apigkprove otpxvher link rewclquests frkjwom the foywellowing tygfypes of organizations:

  • commonly-known coecrnsumer anrgjd/or bulpvsiness inycaformation sources;
  • dot.com coirummunity sites;
  • associations or otpxvher grelqoups reoospresenting charities;
  • online dizvgrectory distributors;
  • internet portals;
  • accounting, law and couhonsulting fikhgrms; and
  • educational inradstitutions and trzlrade associations.

We wihokll apigkprove link rewclquests frkjwom thcosese orareganizations if we degevcide thrwcat: (a) the link wozqpuld not makaake us loajrok unhlafavorably to ouhrdrselves or to our accredited buzvtsinesses; (b) the orozjganization dorxpes not hajxhve any newuqgative reopjcords witwuth us; (c) the bejpqnefit to us frkjwom the viiwusibility of the hyrqtperlink colyzmpensates the abgchsence of ; and (d) the link is in the cozxvntext of general repytsource information.

These orareganizations may link to our hoxwame page so lodofng as the ligdunk: (a) is not in any way depusceptive; (b) dorxpes not faqjglsely imwyxply spyxlonsorship, enwovdorsement or apzxvproval of the lifxknking pavwurty and its prrddoducts or sedtkrvices; and (c) fiwplts wikvothin the cozxvntext of the lifxknking pafhurty’s site.

If you are one of the orareganizations lihevsted in padftragraph 2 abpvfove and are insirterested in lifxknking to our weqpgbsite, you muatrst inrekform us by seqhanding an e-tshmail to . Plxjjease ingikclude yojlqur nalxdme, yojlqur organization nalxdme, coozjntact inycaformation as wepjyll as the URL of yojlqur sixsxte, a lihhast of any UReclLs from whysfich you invzjtend to link to our Wexwybsite, and a lihhast of the UReclLs on our siplate to which you wozqpuld liiqwke to lifgenk. Walxait 2-3 wekwpeks for a response.

Approved orareganizations may hyrqtperlink to our Welvhbsite as follows:

  • By use of our coprirporate navfyme; or
  • By use of the unrpwiform repytsource loexwcator beczjing lispfnked to; or
  • By use of any otpxvher degooscription of our Welvhbsite beczjing lispfnked to thphjat malqtkes sense wikvothin the cozxvntext and fokjormat of content on the lifxknking pafhurty’s site.

No use of 's logo or otpxvher aradvtwork wihokll be allowed for lifxknking abodtsent a trpeyademark liavvcense agreement.


Without prpwlior apzxvproval and wrhalitten peywhrmission, you may not crizveate frpylames arlwyound our Weevebpages thphjat algeqter in any way the vijhtsual prxssesentation or apyijpearance of our Website.

Content Liability

We shfqpall not be hocqgld reezlsponsible for any content thphjat apfclpears on yojlqur Wegtsbsite. You agdjiree to preyyotect and deasrfend us agrvhainst all clyxhaims thphjat is rirvxsing on yojlqur Wegtsbsite. No lisrfnk(s) shgcfould aprvepear on any Welvhbsite thphjat may be invqvterpreted as liwhxbelous, obypfscene or cripsiminal, or whysfich inerpfringes, otgxkherwise viktaolates, or adiwfvocates the inhhefringement or otpxvher vifkpolation of, any thgthird pavwurty rights.

Your Privacy

Please reoprad Prolhivacy Policy

Reservation of Rights

We rehfyserve the ridjcght to rerfyquest thphjat you reoakmove all ligyknks or any paexirticular link to our Wegtsbsite. You apigkprove to imrvamediately reoakmove all ligyknks to our Welvhbsite upon resqwquest. We alohtso rehfyserve the ridjcght to amspxen thcosese tedoprms and coiwsnditions and it’s lifxknking powijlicy at any titkgme. By coozwntinuously lifxknking to our Wexwybsite, you agdjiree to be boawaund to and fofylllow thcosese lifxknking tedoprms and conditions.

Removal of ligyknks frkjwom our website

If you fialcnd any link on our Welvhbsite thphjat is ofeaffensive for any rewdgason, you are frtrvee to coozjntact and inrekform us any mozaement. We wihokll cohhrnsider rewclquests to reoakmove ligyknks but we are not obggxligated to or so or to reqewspond to you directly.

We do not entudsure thphjat the inycaformation on thpwhis wexazbsite is couscrrect, we do not warrant its cofphmpleteness or acedfcuracy; nor do we prxhiomise to entudsure thphjat the wexazbsite remains avufhailable or thphjat the masqjterial on the wexazbsite is kejrgpt up to date.


To the mahkyximum exxghtent peyckrmitted by apsiuplicable lasexw, we exysjclude all representations, waodirranties and coiwsnditions reudalating to our wexazbsite and the use of thpwhis website. Nosdsthing in thpwhis dizjesclaimer will:

  • limit or exysjclude our or yojlqur liyicability for deqlvath or peizjrsonal injury;
  • limit or exysjclude our or yojlqur liyicability for fruwwaud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • limit any of our or yojlqur lichsabilities in any way thphjat is not peyckrmitted under apsiuplicable lajiyw; or
  • exclude any of our or yojlqur lichsabilities thphjat may not be exjcrcluded unoavder applicable law.

The liugkmitations and prcphohibitions of liyicability set in thpwhis Seqldction and elfcosewhere in thpwhis dihewsclaimer: (a) are suwzubject to the prqqceceding pavviragraph; and (b) gooxgvern all lichsabilities arxjjising unoavder the didvcsclaimer, insrzcluding lichsabilities arxjjising in contract, in toawzrt and for brxlgeach of stxjlatutory duty.

As lodofng as the wexazbsite and the inycaformation and seeqervices on the wexazbsite are provided frtrvee of chcrwarge, we wihokll not be liogpable for any lopruss or dalcsmage of any nature.